Restaurant La Canela – eating is travelling

We transmit to the table our experiences living submerged in the cultures of other countries. Our cuisine is fresh, tasty, healthy, without additives, natural, home-style, very personal, and surprising, mixing the traditions of the Mediterranean with the cultures and history of Asia.

We utilize local produce from the Tiétar Valley, and from our own vegetable garden, whenever it is possible. We add to our dishes elements and atmospheres of places like China, Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia or Turkey. The menus are composed on a daily basis, depending on the availability of ingredients and our inspiration, combining into a series of temptations, followed a selection of desserts, thus creating a culinary feast for the palate.

We cook with love for a maximum of 12 persons per day, which means that we only work with prior reservation – at least 24 hours in advance, choosing the type of menu.

We also offer vegetarian menus – highly recommended.