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Cross Pinar Piedralaves 2015

Cross Pinar Piedralaves 2015

On June 27th, the 2015 edition of “Cross Pinar Piedralaves” was celebrated. It is a local initiative which attracts hundreds enthusiasts who love to run in natural surroundings. The 11,5 km route goes through the Piedralaves mountains, among pine trees, chestnuts and oaks.

A new activity this year was the inclusion of a walker’s route – just as attractive, but less strenuous, fit for people with the desire to participate in a non-competive way.

Hotel La Canela offered the organizers the possibility of having the walkers’s route cross our land, adding in interesting descent with views of the Tiétar Valley. As it was an unsually hot day, we decided to offer our visiting participants a refreshment in the form of barley tea, a typical beverage from Taiwan and Japan.

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