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Secret hotel in the mountains – with only three rooms and very few people.

Nature in its purest state.

In Piedralaves, hidden in the Sierra de Gredos, overlooking the beautiful Tiétar Valley and away from populated areas, we find Hotel La Canela – a romantic hotel near Madrid, Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Avila, Salamanca and Segovia, unesco world heritage sites.

At just 1 hour from Madrid we propose a romantic get-away in a minimalist, spacious and peaceful atmosphere: With a total of only three large and comfortable rooms with panoramic windows connecting to the surrounding nature, Hotel La Canela is a place to disconnect and recharge vital energy. Here you can walk the mountains, take a gastronomic journey in our restaurant, or relax in our outdoor heated jacuzzi. We also suggest a relaxing and healthy massage as well as participating in morning meditation sessions. To enjoy any of these services, prior reservation is required.

Discover the magic of the senses: watch, hear and smell the onset of the day, lotus flowers opening to the sun, the murmur of the creek, birds singing, frogs croaking, horses grazing in the distance, flashes of thunderstorms, fog creeping in, the stars of the quiet sky and the breath of nature at its purest.

Hotel La Canela is a combination of the Mediterranean traditions with the cultures of East Asia. – a reflection of our way of life.

To ensure peace and quiet, Hotel La Canela is located 1 km from Piedralaves, hidden in the mountains and in the middle of untouched meadow of wild flowers. To get here one has to follow forest trail for the last 500 meters. All in all, a place to connect with nature.

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La Canela Treats

La Canela Treats are combinations of services that allow you to enjoy a healthy, pleasant and relaxing getaway in natural and tranquil surroundings. For example, it is possible to stay the night, dine, bathe in a hot jacuzzi in the middle of nature and have breakfast the next day from only €61 per person.

La Canela Treats are only available on this web site, always with the most economic prices.

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